Emily In Paris’ new trailer is everything we needed to last until the holidays

By Esteban G Villanueva
Lilly Collins roses pink

Photo: Netflix

Netflix’s Emily in Paris season two trailer just premiered and we’re still trying to process everything that happened — but be warned, there are spoilers ahead

The 25th of September, Netflix released a teaser trailer of our favourite American in Paris. The 49 second clip showed scenes of the upcoming season of the coveted rom-com while taking Emily to an up-scale trip to the coast of Saint-Tropez.


While enjoying a platter of oysters and casually being showered in champagne by marine looking boys seems like heaven, the scene amps up when her always present sidekicks and besties — Camille and Mindy — make a surprise appearance in the French coast. From there it’s all party and vacation until we super fans are blessed with the news that the 22nd of December the series will make its official return to the red (Netflix) screen.

Now, Thursday the 18th of November, we are once again blessed with a full two minute trailer for season two, that — quite literally — had us transfixed.

Watch the Emily in Paris Season 2 official trailer:

Back in Paris, we glimpse into the past as Emily confesses to a not so successful goodbye from Gabriel, that ended in — quote on quote — “a night of the most incredible sex she’s had in her entire life”. To this point we were already up on the edge of our seats, but don’t worry, from there it only gets better.

The high-paced clip continues showcasing Emily in what could be either a business or casual friendly meeting between herself, Sylvie, and Camille. We know they’ve met, but could this be something around Camille’s family business or are they casually hanging outside the Louvre? Either way, Gabriel drama comes up (of course) and Sylvie seems to know a bit more than what she should in the scenario while it’s reinforced that our favourite chef is definitely not moving out the City of Lights.

From there, knowing that the Gabriel - Emily - Camille love triangle will still be a high point of the plot, Antoine seems to still be in the picture and even a third mystery boy is revealed to have some sort of connection with our main character. Nonetheless, while her life seems to be as chaotic, dramatic, and complicated as ever — Emily’s words, not mine — we see a glimpse of hope from Sylvie, who shows her own touch on maternal spirit as she musters “Oh Emily, you’re getting more French by the day”.

That being said, not everything is chaos in the Eiffel city, and by the end of the trailer, we sense a bit of light as she continues to discover what she (Emily) wants and again Sylvie jumps out with words of French wisdom. “You’ve got the rest of your life to be as dull as you wish, but while you’re here, fall in love, make mistakes. If you’re gonna do Paris for one year, for God’s sake, do it right”.

And there you have it. While we mark our calendars and book a flight, make sure to stay on top of what stories, fashion, and drama this new season will bring.