Emilia Silberg shares her skincare routine, makeup go-tos and top hang-outs in an exclusive Paris diary

By Vogue Scandinavia

Emilia Silberg, the Copenhagen-born bombshell with the most enviable blonde crop on the internet, invites us to join her for a glamorous 48 hours in the City of Lights

One of the internet's most coveted Scandinavian faces, Danish model and content creator Emilia Silberg, knows how to have a good time – and look good too while she's at it. From the Copenhagen Fashion Week circuit to rubbing shoulders with Kylie Jenner in Los Angeles, there's palpable buzz around Silberg with her flawless complexion, killer style and '90s Michelle Pfeiffer aura.


So naturally, Vogue Scandinavia has taken the opportunity to tap into Silberg's ‘booked and busy’ schedule to join her for 48 hours of wining, dining and glamour in the City of Lights as she takes in the best of the capital.

Scroll on to see all of Silberg's candid Parisian moments – along with her skincare routine, makeup go-tos, and top city tips.

Day 1

7:30 AM

Breakfast in bed.

8:00 AM

After a month of fashion madness, my skin needs some TLC. Here's how I start my day at the hotel: first up, a wake-me-up cleanse with YSL cleanser to get the senses going. Then I always love to use The Ordinary's niacinamide – I love the soothing effect! Rhode's face cream is my go-to for hydration, especially with all the city air drying me out. And of course, before I dive into makeup, I use a primer from Refy for that flawless finish.

8:15 AM

Daily makeup routine: Starting with my YSL bare look tint for that natural glow, blending it down my neck. Then, I love using my YSL concealer for my under-eyes. Adding warmth with Refy bronzer and a pop of color with Glossier cream blush. For the eyes, I like to use a bit of a warm toned YSL beauty eyeshadow to add depth. I use my go-to brow gel from Refy to keep my brows in place. A curl of the lashes and finishing with Rhode lip tint.

10:30 AM

Lunch at restaurant Coco in Paris! Mimosas and brunch.

12:30 PM

Outfit dilemma before heading to a day event! Trying on two looks, but the grey blazer was my favourite.

1:30 PM

Arriving at the YSL Beauty Loveshine Factory, trying on the new lipstick shades.

3:00 PM

Stepping into the YSL store, buying a bag for tonight’s event. From classic elegance to modern chic, every design speaks to a different facet of my style.

7:00 PM

Dinner at Hôtel Costes.

Day 2

12:00 PM

Lunch at Giraffe – the best truffle pasta in Paris!

6:30 PM

Getting ready for dinner and a party, then en route with Hanna Schönberg and Victoria Tornegren.

8:30 PM

Dinner at Laurent, then a touch-up of my YSL Beauty red lipstick.

10:30 PM

Arriving at the YSL beauty party.