Kick off the year with Elsa Hosk's go-to body sculpting workouts

By Mathilda Niclazon

Photo: Elsa Hosk (@hoskelsa)

All you need is a towel, two dumbbells and sliding plates to try Elsa Hosk's favourite way to stay in shape

Health and fitness is a big part of Elsa Hosk’s beauty routine, and TikTok users got a front-row seat to the Swedish model's workout routine when personal trainer and friend Megan Roup shared a video of the full-body sculpt workout that keeps Hosk in shape.


Roup is the founder of The Sculpt Society, a dance-based fitness regimen that helps tone arms, legs and glutes. The routine mixes low-impact sculpting exercises, dance cardio and yoga to achieve the supermodel’s goals while having fun. Hosk herself describes the routine as “energy giving, intense and joyful”.

“In the video, we are starting with an arm sequence using 3lb hand weights,” explains Roup. “We then move to lower body sculpting using my sliders. In my standing sequences, I like to mix functional compound exercises like lunges and curtsy squats.”

Roup, who also boasts Karlie Kloss, Shanina Shaik and Nadine Leopold as clientele, explains the workout can be done without equipment, just your body weight. But in the video, Hosk and Roup use 1.5 kg dumbbells, sliders and ankle weights.

Watch Elsa Hosk's gym-based workout below:

No access to the gym? Try Elsa Hosk's favourite at-home workout:

Another one of the supermodel's favourite ways of staying in shape is Pilates. As a mum, she says it helps her feel "stronger mentally and physically" while giving her the freedom to work out at home. Hosk has also had to learn to love her changing body and has taken to Instagram on a few occasions to thank her body for carrying her daughter Tuulikki Joan Daly.