This new Nanna Ditzel exhibition in Denmark is a can't-miss for design lovers

By Josefin Forsberg

Nanna Ditzel's toadstool . Photo: Kenneth Stjernegaard

Explore the revolutionary realm of Nanna Ditzel at Denmark's Trapholt as the museum puts on the most extensive exhibition of the "grand dame of Danish design's" work in celebration of her 100th birthday

Trapholt Design Museum in Denmark is set to open its doors to the most extensive exhibition of artist Nanna Ditzel's work to this day. Titled Nanna Ditzel – Taking Design to New Heights, the showcase is on display from 28 September 2023 until 11 August 2024.


The designer, who would have turned 100 this year, was a firm fixture on the Danish design scene and stood out among her peers due to her unwavering insistence on exploring new avenues and thinking about space and furniture in fresh, liberating ways. "Nanna Ditzel has had a colossal impact on Danish design," says Karen Grøn, director of Trapholt.

In addition to her beloved textiles and furniture, which have made her a national treasure, many of her more radical ideas have also entered the mainstream today. "Her 1950s vision of replacing chairs and tables with furniture landscapes that invite us to lie down, lounge and move freely have today been realised in a modified form in many Danish homes with the arrival of oversized sofas and chaise longues," Grøn says.

While Ditzel is best known for the Trinidad chair, the Toadstool, her jewellery designs for Georg Jensen and the upholstery fabric Hallingdal, the exhibition at Trapholt will take a look at her entire, impressive oeuvre – encompassing not only the designer's various objets, but immersive installations recreated in the spirit of Ditzel (including her signature padded steps and multi-level interiors covered in colourful textiles). With visitors invited to explore these installations, the exhibition offers a immersive look into the designer's singular sensibilities.

Below, explore some of Nanna Ditzel's famous works and archive imagery:

Archival photo of Nanna Ditzel. Photo: Svend Bessing

Nanna Ditzel's optica chair. Photo: Kenneth Stjernegaard

Nanna Ditzel in Vilette Chair. Photo: Schnakenburg & Brahl

Nanna Ditzel's Camilla chair. Photo: Kenneth Stjernegaard

Nanna Ditzel at work on the Vilette chair prototype. Photo: Schnakenburg & Brahl

Nanna Ditzel's folding stool. Photo: Kenneth Stjernegaard

Nanna Ditzel's hanging sofa. Photo: Kenneth Stjernegaard

An archival photo of a stairscape designed by Nanna Ditzel. Photo: Schnakenburg & Brahl

A detail photo of Nanna Ditzel's Seashell chair. Photo: Schnakenburg & Brahl