(di)vision - SS22

By Allyson Shiffman
(Di)Vision SS22 Mona Tougaard

Photo: (di)vision

Ceval and Mona Tougaard walked the runway at (di)vision

One had to climb five flights of stairs to arrive at the first official show of Copenhagen Fashion Week. (di)vision opted to show their latest collection of deconstructed garments and refashioned bomber jackets atop a car park, to the tune of a punk band called the Woodpeckers.


Floral printed workwear and 'yee-haw' elements — the upcycled cowboy hats and kick flares — gave way to more militant moments — combat boots worn throughout, especially. Add to that the all star cast of cool kids, including Ceval and Mona Tougaard, and they’ve really kicked things off with a bang.