(di)vision - AW22

By Allyson Shiffman

Autumn/winter 2022 for (di)vision is a fitting reminder that we are all guest on earth

For AW22, (di)vision founders Simon and Nanna Wick looked to the sky. After coming across a New York Times article about UAP’s (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, formerly known as UFOs), the sibling duo went full wormhole. “I have been obsessing over theories on Aerial Phenomena, and diving deep into the community and researching on what actually is happening in our airspace,” says Simon. “Everything isn’t normal.”


Entitled 'Guest on Earth', the collection suggests that humans are merely transient visitors on our planet, and we ought to take care of what we have. It’s a fitting theme for (di)vision, which aims to work primarily with deadstock and upcycled vintage. The offering is split into three parts: The UAP hunter, which offers a very (di)vision-y take on dystopian workwear, the Federal Worker – a X-Files-esque business-meets-streetwear look and the Extraterrestrial, a no-holds-barred aesthetic that’s totally out of this world. Fittingly, the presentation took place at Copenhagen’s Tycho Brahe Planetarium, where visitors were greeted with an extraterrestrial-heavy video, rife with sci-fi film references.

For the live show, guests were ushered into a narrow curved space — spooky and dystopian. Hip faces of models and Danish cool kids, friends of the brand, were illuminated by fluorescent lights.

Practically, there are many of the beloved brand’s greatest hits: zippers that run along the spine, split pants and bombers. Also, for the very first time, deadstock jersey – another opportunity for die-hard (di)vision fanatics to show off their dedication to the emerging brand. “We kind of like the idea that it took us three years before we made a t-shirt with print,” says Simon. “That’s usually where most brands start.” Theirs are cropped teeny tiny, natch. Elsewhere, they’ve worked with a technique that causes pants and shirts to bunch and fold at will – choose your own adventure garments that mould to any body type, even those from the great beyond. Models wore freaky blackout contacts, aliens among us.

I left the show looking to the sky – feeling quite small in our grand expanse. The truth is out there.

See the full collection below: