Diversity and inclusion: Vogue Scandinavia's first anniversary

By Vogue Scandinavia

Why is inclusion important to us? We have an opportunity to pave the way forward by representing and lifting up the true voices of contemporary Scandinavia, both in front of - and behind - the lens

As we celebrate the best of fashion, beauty, design and culture in the Nordics, we aim to include every thread in the rich tapestry of our region.And it goes beyond the surface. We want to be a platform for meaningful discussion. We want to shine a light on topics that are close to our hearts; like mental health, sustainability and gender rights.


It’s a journey that we need to take together. It takes continual reflection, re-evaluation and conversation. It’s something that we need to do every day. After all that we’ve learned in our first year, we are putting more initiative, mentorships and ambitious targets in place.

Let’s broaden the spectrum of what it means to be a true Nordic. Create space for underrepresented groups. Strengthen our voices together.