Discover all of the unique locations featured in our February-March issue

By Linnéa Pesonen

Photo: Gunnar Freyr

Nothing enhances a shoot more than an exquisite location. Below, a roundup of the most one-of-a-kind places where we shot our latest issue

Our readers know that, reflecting Vogue Scandinavia’s eternal love and appreciation for nature, we strive to fill the magazine with stunning imagery captured outdoors and in one-of-a-kind locales. Whether it’s a fashion or food editorial, nothing quite beats the backdrop nature can offer for a shoot or the atmosphere an unusual location can lend to a story.


Ahead, we break down the most unique photoshoot locations featured in our February-March issue.


Photo: Gunnar Freyr

Photo: Gunnar Freyr

The rugged coastline of the Westfjords, Iceland

The rugged and dramatic landscapes of Iceland’s remote region, the Westfjords, provided the setting for this issue’s food story, starring the area’s famous carbon-neutral saltmakers, Saltverk. The unique locale is crucial for making the company’s sea salt, as it is produced by utilising the terrain’s geothermal energy.

Known for its raw beauty and sense of isolation, the Westfjords is less frequented by tourists, allowing visitors to experience Iceland’s pristine natural splendour away from the crowds. Majestic mountains, deep blue fjords and cascading waterfalls dominate the environment, which is best explored through scenic hikes or kayak trips. The area is very sparsely populated, with small fishing villages dotted along the coastline, offering a glimpse into traditional Icelandic culture.


Checked leather jacket, €5,900, Checked leather trousers, €5,900, Earrings. All Louis Vuitton. Slim silver rings, sold separately, €107. Ian Gadelius. Photo: Cornelia Wahlberg

Hoodie, €170. Punk and Yo. Shirt, €115. Core RD Knitting Co. Denim trousers, €560. Willy Chavarria. Belt. Stamm. Knitted gloves. Vintage. Photo: Cornelia Wahlberg

A historic boathouse in Stockholm, Sweden

When shooting an editorial featuring one of Sweden’s hottest up-and-coming artists, an old boathouse might not be the first location that springs to mind. However, the Stockholm Rowing Club Boathouse overlooking Djurgården, one of the city’s many islands, proved to be the ideal place for capturing the much-talented singer Victor Leksell. His freshly-minted blue hair and the styling that followed a similar palette perfectly mingled with the cottage-like interiors of the building.

Completed in 1913, the boathouse remains one of Stockholm’s must-see design gems, courtesy of the acclaimed Swedish architect Sigurd Lewerentz. The small, mint green two-storied wooden building was among his first masterpieces, leaning towards a more Functionalist style. A fun (and sustainable) detail of the boathouse is found in the ceiling planks above the ground floor, crafted from repurposed materials from the 1912 Summer Olympics held in Stockholm. Although the site is over a century old, it is still used today and can be rented out for various occasions.


Vintage blazer jacket, €5,800. Christian Dior Couture via Julian Sanders. Cotton crop-top. Lizzie x Vans. Tulle skirt, €9,800, Knitted knickers, worn underneath, €310. Both Dior. Socks. Stylist’s own. Pearl beads bow earrings, €43. Sorry Baby Studios. ‘The Lizzie’ sneakers, €100. Vans. Photo: Henna Koskinen

Knitted cardigan with lace applique. AZ Factory. T-shirt. Lizzie x Vans. Knitted skirt with lace applique. AZ Factory. Socks. Stylist’s own. Hoop earrings. Talent’s own. ‘The Lizzie’ sandals, €40. Vans. Photo: Henna Koskinen

The slopping streets of Highland Park, California

Finnish-American pro skateboarder Lizzie Armanto’s bustling neighbourhood in Highland Park, Los Angeles, was a natural fit for the shoot location when capturing her for our latest issue. In the images, she’s seen posing amidst the lush greenery and cruising the sloping streets, sporting a long tulle Dior skirt, no less.

Around a 10-minute drive from downtown LA, Highland Park is characterised by its hilly terrain, boasting scenic city views. Many picturesque parks adorn the area, while it’s also known for its historic homes and vibrant arts scene. No wonder Armanto wanted to build her dream house in the neighbourhood.


Triple coat, Rain jacket, worn underneath, €110, Trousers, €70, Shoes, €235. All Rains. Photo: Angelina Mamoun-Bergenwall

A rain-soaked garden in Knutsford, England

Danish brand Rains’ muse and professional football player Virgil van Dijk modelled the label’s latest collection on the pages of our Issue 16, shot by Angelina Mamoun-Bergenwall and styled by Alexandra Bickerdike. For the editorial, we travelled to the sleepy town of Knutsford, England, where the Dutch Liverpool captain is currently based. What better way to shoot a striking baby blue rain jacket than a misty, rain-soaked garden?


Satin bomber jacket, €990. Nina Ricci. Tulle skirt. Fernanda Castro. Mini hoops earrings, €250. D’Heygere. Socks. Stylist’s own. Leather loafers, €890. Miu. Photo: Julia Noni

Draped mini dress. Marine Serre. Handmade bow hat by Victoria Salomoni. Rain boots, €950. Rier. Photo: Julia Noni

Charming countryside in Saint-Germain-sur-École, France

Tiny micro mini skirts probably aren’t the day-to-day attire of folks living in the idyllic French countryside, but we just couldn’t resist shooting the garment du jour against the serene scenery of Saint-Germain-sur-École, a commune around an hour away from Paris. Winding roads and sprawling fields offered a great contrast to the party-ready pieces, while the foggy, grey sky and autumnal colours, coupled with fallen leaves on the ground, provided that extra touch of moodiness to elevate the fashion spread.