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Lap-See Lam is the artist making 3D exhibitions into digital dreamscapes

By Saskia Neuman
Lap-See Lam wearing Ingy earrings

Photo: Anton Renberg

The Stockholm-based artist, Lap-See Lam, has won plaudits for her immersive dives into the virtual world

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Lap-See Lam is thoughtful, conscious, and almost careful when answering questions. Ever present, this acute awareness of her surroundings is something that permeates her work. Her artistic practice delves into a world of 3D scanning and virtual reality, employing cutting-edge technology to create environments from her past.

Still image from the digital art piece Phantom Banquet (2019-2020)

Still image from the digital art piece Phantom Banquet (2019-2020). Photo: Galerie Nordenhake, Stockholm

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