Deadwood - SS24

By Josefin Forsberg

Swedish Deadwood makes its runway debut, presenting a desert-inspired collection filled with cactus leather

Deadwood's debut at Copenhagen Fashion Week is more than a mere fashion show; it's a captivating experience that conveys an urgent environmental message. An evocative portrayal of a dystopian future marked by drought and desertification, the runway is meticulously transformed into an arid wasteland with sand, rocks, and atmospheric lighting mimicking the sun's relentless rays. Sounds of a technical sandstorm add to the immersion, pulling the audience into a challenging yet mesmerising world.


With this collection marking Deadwood's first-ever runway show, the excitement was palpable. "All and all good. A bit nervous but very excited," co-founder Carl Ollson confesses when asked about the debut ahead of the show. "Really stoked to be showcasing our stuff on a bigger stage. It's about time!"

The Swedish leather brand's latest collection underscored the importance of leading fashion onto a more sustainable path. "The garments draw inspiration from how traditional desert people have crafted ingenious ways of adapting to desert life while always infusing these pragmatic solutions with an element of beauty," Ollson enthuses. "It’s our best one yet. I guess we say that every season, but this one is pretty damn good!"

Flowing silhouettes in technical lightweight fabrics swathed past show-goers, contrasting with natural materials that provide protection while allowing for breathability and movement. The colour palette is a striking mix of earthy tones and vibrant hues, symbolising the ever-changing desert sky. Powerful, contemporary, unisex silhouettes are brought to life through intricate embroidered patterns and patchwork, reflecting the craftsmanship and heritage of resilient desert communities.

"Sustainability will remain at the core of the collection," Ollson stresses, "with us continuing our commitment to using upcycled leather, recycled fibres, and natural dyes." Deadwood also highlighted innovative techniques developed to minimise water consumption during production, underlining the brand's dedication to sustainability.

Discover all the looks from Deadwood’s spring/summer '24 collection below:

Deadwood - SS24