CPHFW Beauty: A pop of orange perked us up at Aeron's energetic show

By Josefin Forsberg

Photo: James Cochrane

Put some pep in your step and inject your makeup bag with much-needed Vitamin C this season

Orange is one of those divisive colours. Some people love it, while others wouldn't be caught dead in this near-adjacent red. Trending on runways and among street stylers alike, we find the easiest way to adopt this traffic cone-chic statement is in our beauty bags. Namely, in the inner corner of our eyes, if we take our cues from Aeron's autumn/winter 2023 runway show.


"The skin is natural looking with a glossy, almost 'marbly' finish," makeup artist Cianne Denize explained. "The overall look that I wanted to portray was fresh, clean and healthy skin to counter the knit and cargo in the collection." The base, hyper-dewy and almost plump, was perfected with a mix of Mac's Studio 'Radiance Face and Body' and 'Strobe Dewy Skin Tint'. "Then we removed the shine only in the T-zone with blotting powder."

A slight sculpted look is achieved through a slight touch of soft contour, with the brushed-up brows adding to the lifted effect. "We finish off the eyes with creme gloss and use the 'prep+prime' on the lips," says Denize.

The bold eye look – an inverted orange triangle at the inside of the corner – was the real reason we did a double take. "I decided to add a twist to the makeup on some of the models to help elevate the feeling of the clothes on the catwalk," Denize added. "The colour inspiration comes from the collection itself and the autumn leaves.” Slightly smudged at the edge, it offered the perfect placement for punchy pigment – this particular shade called 'can't afford this' from the art library palette.

Yet while an injection of Vitamin C into our beauty routine is always welcome, we plan to experiment with the rainbow when accentuating our inner-eyes this coming season.

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