The couture of the future with Beckmans School of Design: As illustrated by Tippan Nordén

By Amelie Langenskiöld

Photo: Illustration by Tippan Nordén

Today at Stockholm's Liljevalchs gallery, 13 of Beckmans' fashion students presented visionary concepts about the couture of the future – brought to life in painterly fashion by Swedish artist Tippan Nordén

What role will Haute Couture play in the future of fashion design? How can the art form address today's and tomorrow's challenges in sustainability and innovation? These are questions that were tackled by students of Beckmans School of Design at Liljevalchs in Stockholm today in a visionary runway presentation.


The showcase was opened by curator Susanna Strömquist alongside couturier and designer Per Engsheden, who is also program manager for fashion at Beckmans. Then, the man of couture himself, Fredrik Robertsson took to the microphone, sharing with guests about his strong relationship to the universe of couture and the power of its endless creative freedom. Robertsson talked of the unique nature of couture and the relationship between the designer and wearer, like no other kind of traditional consumption.

The students then took to centre stage, sending 13 concepts down the runway that captured a new frontier when it comes to couture: forward thinking, future-proofed and thought-provoking. Scroll on to discover each student's creation, beautifully brought to life at the hand of Swedish fashion illustrator Tippan Nordén.


Amanda Warnbo's Acedia concept.

Photo: Illustration by Tippan Nordén

Amanda Warnbo – Acedia

With a vision to capture the abundance of fabrics we have today and interpret our nonchalant way of consuming into something beautiful, Amanda Warnbo created a layered dress with a long trail. Warnbo's interpretation was very nicely executed and something that could be shown as part of the more flamboyant British fashion scene.


Photo: Peter Hakansson

Elin Olsson's Rebellionis concept. Photo: Illustration by Tippan Nordén

Elin Olsson – Rebellionis

Given our modern surroundings with non-stop, daily consumption of news, Elin Olsson designed a creation that explores another type of reality that separates the wearer from the rest by building a shielding structure. An appreciated interpretation.


Photo: Peter Hakansson

Gustav Flovin's 1998 concept. Photo: Illustration by Tippan Nordén

Gustav Flovin – 1998

The look aims to capture different moments and places from Gustav Flovin's life. This is done by playing with different textures, elements and even light. The design feels modern and innovative.


Photo: Peter Hakansson

Photo: Illustration by Tippan Nordén

Hanna Eriksson – Monoto

In a world where most of steps and decisions are supervised and where we are forced to focus on our own security, are we then unconsciously changing our way of dressing? Hanna Eriksson wanted to raise this question by creating a look with a protective jacket and soft materials.


Photo: Peter Hakansson

Johannes Jansson's 01100011 01101111 01110101 01110100 01110101 01110010 01100101 concept. Photo: Illustration by Tippan Nordén

Johannes Jansson – 01100011 01101111 01110101 01110100 01110101 01110010 01100101

With the help of modern technology and 3D printing, Johannes Jansson aimed to build a bridge connecting couture with the virtual world. In doing so, Jansson has laid the foundation of new fabrics and shapes.


Photo: Peter Hakansson

Photo: Illustration by Tippan Nordén

Julia Wahlberg – Att finna ett möte

When beauty meets the technologies that the future holds, we will witness two contrasts in need of each other, at least according to Julia Wahlberg. Wahlberg explored this concept by creating a dress with metal jewelleries both adorning the skin and dress. A clever way to visualise it.


Photo: Peter Hakansson

Karolin Lysén - Effie, vars kläder har ett budskap

In a dystopian future where we need to raise our voices in different ways, this dress will be a protest against our way of destroying our nature and globe. The green silk fabric visualises flower petals in a beautiful and eye-catching way.


Photo: Peter Hakansson

Kristin Svensson's Sub-0 concept. Photo: Illustration by Tippan Nordén

Kristin Svensson - Sub-0

In an homage to the beauty of the contrasts of cold weather and fashion, Kristin Svensson has designed a black creation covered in zippers. The zippers connect different fabrics and textures together in a smart way.


Photo: Peter Hakanssontif

Lina Fujikawa's Wall Street 2124 concept. Photo: Illustation by Tippan Nordén

Lina Fujikawa - Wall Street 2124

The Wall Street man is no longer exciting in the year of 2124 – he must be changed, updated. The classic suit and tailored look has been transformed into a deconstructed dress with sleeves long as trails and suit jacket sewn into a top.


Photo: Peter Hakansson

Linn Hermander's Handverk concept. Photo: Illustration by Tippan Nordén

Linn Hermander – Handverk

The human touch is not to take for granted, so we've learned once before during pandemics and will most likely learn once more in the future. Linn Hermander designed a look that allows the wearer to see all around her, but still she is protected by a shield and long sleeves. A beautiful interruption and a personal favourite.


Photo: Peter Hakansson

Olivia Henriksson's Kroppslig frigörelse concept. Photo: Illustration by Tippan Nordén

Olivia Henriksson – Kroppslig frigörelse

Clothes are often made with the same dimensions, naturally since most of us look the same. Here, Olivia Henriksson explores how clothes can be designed with different proportions all to play on the idea of a more free and non-stereotypical look.


Sofus van Mierlo's Haunting Reverie concept. Photo: Illustration by Tippan Nordén

Photo: Peter Hakansson

Sofus van Mierlo – Haunting Reverie

Playing with cutouts, layers and shapes to create an illusion of a maze, Sofus van Mierlo aimed to visualise and bring to life the complexity of our unconsciousness and the dreams we have.


Photo: Peter Hakansson

Vanja Weichselbaumer's Aggressiv elegans concept. Photo: Illustration by Tippan Nordén

Vanja Weichselbaumer – Aggressiv elegans

With clever slits in the back of the feather adorned dress, Vanja Weichselbaumer took her idea of creating an illusion of a swan dress to a higher level – tying it all together with an egg-shaped bag.