Loewe Spirited Away
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Could nostalgia be why fashion has a fancy for cartoons?

By Josefin Forsberg

Photo: Loewe

At first glance, cartoons and haute couture aren't exactly natural bedfellows. But with a bit of digging, you'll quickly discover that designers adore these kooky characters

Nostalgia has become a theme that dominates the fashion industry. Last week, Spanish luxury fashion house Loewe teamed up with Japanese cartoon creators Studio Ghibli again after a successful collaboration last summer. They covered their clothes and accessories in motifs and characters from the 2001 film Spirited Away. The now-iconic movie received an Oscar at the 75th Academy Awards for Best Animated Feature. At the time, it was the first film to win this award which was originally produced in a language other than English.

The collaboration features all of the movie's most iconic characters. From the young protagonist Chihiro, mysterious Haku and sorceress Yubaba, to Kaonashi, the spirit with no face, Fly-Bird and the Susuwatari soot sprites, characters swarm across ready-to-wear, blankets and scarves, as well as appearing on leather and canvas bags.

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