Watch Connie Nielsen tour the Karen Blixen museum

By Olivia Ekelund

Connie Nielsen gives us a dreamy tour of the Karen Blixen Museum, sharing snippets from the life of the famous author and fellow Dane who inspired her latest series The Dreamer

“When I was a little girl, Karen Blixen was an image of everything that was possible for a woman,” says actress Connie Nielsen when we meet her at the serene Karen Blixen Museum, just outside Copenhagen. Nielsen, who plays Blixen in her new series The Dreamer clearly holds a lot of admiration for the woman who’s role she’s inhabited over the past year.


For Nielsen, Blixen embodies the struggle and challenges faced by many women in the past, the same women who have paved the way for today’s generation. But it’s Blixen’s multidimensionality that Nielsen has wanted to portray in the series. She was, after all, a complicated figure and Nielsen wanted to paint her wholeness through telling the true story of her all these years later.

As Nielsen’s voice fills the rooms of the museum, Blixen’s famous words can be read on the walls behind her. There’s a feeling of two women speaking across space-time through their shared experiences of being Nordic women, wishing to break the ceilings that suppress those to the status quo of their time.

Watch Connie Nielsen as she takes us on a tour of the museum and get a glimpse into the life of the famed Danish author.