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Coming home: Sandra Andreis and Laura Bach on the moments that changed their lives

By Vogue Scandinavia
Sandra Andreis and Laura Bach

Left to right: Sandra Andreis and Laura Bach. Photo: Jörgen Brennicke

As they launch their new podcast of discovery, the Scandinavian pair open up about the major turning points that altered their lives forever

"Coming Home is the courage and vulnerability of finding out what is true for you in the moment," says actor, singer and now podcast host Sandra Andreis. "To be able to hear yourself through all the noise instead of constantly numbing the senses with distractions and seeking self-worth in things outside of yourself. To come home is finding out what works for you on your unique journey."


This was the starting point for Andreis' new podcast with fellow actor Laura Bach. Entitled Coming Home, the series will feature "artists, norm breakers and experts" sharing their stories. "We want to learn from each other’s stories, get vulnerable and inspired, and provide our listeners with useful tools from our courageous guests and world leading scientists, researchers and spiritual thinkers," explains the Swedish star. "I mean, let’s not kid ourselves here, it ain’t easy to find and stand in your own truth - it’s an ongoing process and we need tools - but if you are committed to be fully present with yourself, you will be able to connect wholeheartedly with others."

In this spirit, we asked Andreis and Bach to share some stories of their own, focusing in on a moment in their lives that they consider pivotal. Below are their stories.