Cathrine Hammel - AW23

By Josefin Forsberg

Designer Cathrine Hammel welcomes us into her magical home in the Norwegian capital during Oslo Runway – showcasing a highly coordinated in-season collection of a surprisingly neutral colour palette

Situated on the outskirts of Uranienborg, in Oslo's Forgner borough, nestled among lush green gardens of picturesque freestanding houses, lies designer Cathrine Hammel's two storey home of 25 years. The muted cerise-hued house with white window frames is pushed back from the street – a wild lawn separating the calm street from the stone steps leading up to the French living room doors surrounded by terracotta pots and covered in climbing ivy.


Inside Hammel has arranged an intimate affair, inviting press to explore her home filled to the brim with neutral textures and her own handmade ceramics. "We do not regard ourselves as a fashion brand, so we need to present ourselves as it feels natural to us," Hammel said of the presentation, where the idea was to give visitors a clear idea of the Cathrine Hammel aesthetic and DNA. "We are a quiet luxury brand, leaning more towards art than trend," Hammel continues. "Good design lasts, quality is what we are most know for."

Hung neatly in the hallway, a row of sandy soft knits, velvety-yet-sturdy cotton skirts and khaki-coloured trench coats mingle with pollen outerwear and the designer's own cognac-coloured leather accessories. In the living room: a white denim midi skirt is styled on the rack with a fuzzy matching knit, hanging next to peach silk trousers and a round-neck mohair sweater. Knitwear is very much core to Cathrine Hammel, though usually with more colourful schemes. The choice of neutral palette, however, was very much dictated by the calm shades permeating the house.

"My inspiration is always to make a continuity to our previous collection, and to our loyal customer," says Hammel. "The fine line between what the clients expect from us, and always coming with something new and desirable." As such, Hammel's collections are always a continuation of the last, so that it is easy to continue building your wardrobe, season after season. "That is a key in our brands identity, and I believe why we have so many loyal clients. Finally, Hammel concludes: "we would like to inspire! I hope we managed that."

Below, discover images from Cathrine Hammel's home and the autumn/winter 2023 collection – now live on

Cathrine Hammel AW23