Wearable art: Cartier unveils new entrants its new cushion-like ‘Coussin de Cartier’ collection

By Helene Juliussen

Photo: Cartier

Cartier has transferred the exquisite engineering of its Cussion de Cartier timepiece to a covetable new jewellery line

When Cartier launched the Coussin de Cartier watch in 2022, its cushion-like form was unveiled for the first time: a rounded web of woven gold links, covered with intricate diamonds or precious stones. Most remarkably, the cushioned structure gives at the touch of a fingertip, mimicking the characteristics of an actual cushion.


Now, the exquisite, cushioned world of Coussin de Cartier has expanded to the house's fine jewellery line, with a covetable new ring and bracelet added to the line.

The iconic Coussin de Cartier watch, released in 2022. Photo: Courtesy of Cartier

The newly-launched Coussin de Cartier ring . Photo: Courtesy of Cartier

The Coussin de Cartier bracelet completes the collection's trio. Photo: Courtesy of Cartier

Not only does this elevation of design deliver a sensual experience for the wearer, but the complex woven net structure also ensures that each diamond achieves maximum light refraction. This makes each piece a charismatic, wearable piece of art with high visual impact. But with over 177 years of unifying innovation and craftsmanship, it is no surprise Cartier continues to create stunning statement pieces that are worn by the most fashion-forward women in the world.

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