Cala Jade - SS24

By Josefin Forsberg

Accessory brand Cala Jade's presentation was an intimate affair, welcoming guests to a flying picnic on a long tapestry laid across wooden floorboards in an Oslo apartment

If you’re ever in Oslo, you’ll undoubtedly spot a Cala Jade bag or two on the fashion-savvy Norwegians. Known for its woven bucket bags and sculptural silver clasps, the brand consistently creates sought-after (often carry-over) styles season after season. “Architecture and form, together with nature’s aesthetics and texture, have consistently served as an enduring wellspring of inspiration for Cala Jade,” says founder Tina Skaar and her business partner for the brand, Elise Ugland.


Turning away from short-lived trends, the brand embraces timeless design, rooting itself in longevity. “Our aim is to inspire customers to invest in lasting pieces,” notes Skaar. Materials play a big part in durability, according to Skaar and Ugland. “Good quality leather has a special trait with its patina getting more beautiful with wear over time,” the designer duo explain. “In these times, seeing how the world is in terms of sustainability and consumerism, it wouldn’t make sense to keep creating something that doesn’t last.”

For spring/summer ’24, the brand also expands into another timeless material: denim. “This versatile addition seamlessly integrates with the overarching theme, offering a contemporary yet classic edge,” Skaar and Ugland explain. This season’s palette is all about subtle earth tones in contrast to richly pigmented reds and zesty citrus shades. There’s also the addition of a brand new style, the Sandhi tote, which “embodies the spirit of carefree days under the sun and stylish city escapades,” according to the designer duo.

Presenting the new collection, Skaar and Ugland invited guests to a flying picnic hosted in a top-floor apartment during Oslo Runway. “We have gathered a fresh fuse of passionate creatives to convey a love merge of art, food and drops,” Skaar and Ugland explain. Curated by Agathe Berjaut, a French-born image maker and designer based in Oslo, and food enthusiasts Andreas Offenberd and Fredrik Gullbekk of ‘Det Serveres’ – the famished fashion crowd was thoroughly fed with both delicious food and beautiful bags.

Discover Cala Jade’s SS24 collection and snapshots from the picnic below:

Photo: Gunnhild Hasla and Agathe Berjaut

Cala Jade - SS24