By Malene Birger - SS22

By Josefin Forsberg

By Malene Birger's Spring/Summer 2022 collection was a satisfying sartorial mix enmeshed in 1970s nostalgia

Ensnared in fragments of past and present, By Malene Birger’s Spring/Summer 2022 presentation is a story conveyed in parallels. Escapism narrated the 1970s-skewed narrative in a film that felt nomadic in nature. Yet the collection was grounded, eclectic but curated.


Bursts of burnt tangerine and rich plum are peppered throughout the collection. Working with chunky detailing, almost-ready garments, and bold prints the season merged old with new, rough with clean. The more feminine pieces were styled with flat footwear to ground the fluid silhouettes. Bohemian sensibility permeated the collection through textures and cuts. Enveloping layers in natural linen and rougher raffias intersect with buttery leathers and soft velvets. It was pure contemporary minimalism imbued with nostalgia.

See the full collection below: