Blue is the new black: How this eye-popping mascara is set to take over in 2024

By Josefin Forsberg

Photo: Danielle Marcan(@daniellemarcan)

Out of the blue, cobalt colours have emerged as the must-have makeup of the moment. With more and more brands tapping into this electric '80s revival, we relish the addition of blue mascara to our beauty bags

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Bright blue makeup is back. In truth, it never really went away. Cerulean shadows, ultramarine mascara and indigo eyeliners have puttered just below the surface, ready to burst our beauty bubbles with gusto at the first chance. That chance came during the spring/summer ’24 season, and the charge was led by head-turning lashes. “Blue mascara comes back now and then but has never really made it back back since the 1980s,” says Swedish makeup artist and founder of LH cosmetics, Linda Hallberg. “But I have faith in a blue boom in 2024.”

According to statistics, Hallberg’s hope of a blue boom seems to be coming to fruition. Searches for blue eye makeup have soared on inspirational platforms like Pinterest, and on TikTok, a staggering amount of blue mascara videos have amassed millions of views. More than that, buzzy brands like Matty Bovan adopted blue mascara for its spring/summer ’24 show – heralding the renaissance of out-there lashes.

“I think we have been leaning more towards neutral beauty for so long,” says Hallberg, noting how we’ve been saturated with a surge of coffee-inspired (be it 'Latte' or 'Espresso') makeup looks in shades of muted browns and beiges. In 2024, however, there’s an urge to experiment. “People are not that afraid to try new things anymore,” says Hallberg.

Linda Hallberg wears blue mascara accentuated by a matching blue eyeliner wing

Linda Hallberg pairs her electric mascara with a matching Klein blue wing and baby blue eyeshadow. Photo: Courtesy of Linda Hallberg

As for how to pull off the look, Hallberg explains how blue mascara doesn’t necessarily mean making a bold statement. “I think blue mascara looks amazing alone,” she says, urging everyone to “go for it!” After all, a small flash of cobalt colour pairs beautifully with (seemingly) makeup-free skin or a nude lip to balance out the look. Suppose a lone lash is too laid-back for you. In that case, Hallberg offers guidance on how to pair your poppy new lashes: “Blue mascara also looks great with lighter blue eyeshadow, or with something contrasting, like orange or more rusty tones,” Hallberg says.

If you’re unsure whether blue mascara is the thing for you, Hallberg offers an easy way to try the look without splurging on a new product. “If you don’t have a colourful mascara, just mix your transparent brow gel with an eyeshadow in the desired colour and use it on your lashes.”

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