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The 7 best vintage fashion stores to visit in Helsinki

By Linnéa Pesonen

Photo: Relove

From coveted vintage luxury goods to unique pieces dating back for decades, here Vogue Scandinavia lists the best vintage and second-hand stores to check out in the Finnish capital

Pre-loved fashion has always taken centre stage in Scandi wardrobes, but now its importance has become heightened as it contributes to that much-needed circularity in the industry that’s one of the most polluting in the world. And let’s face it - what could be better than stumbling upon a unique sartorial treasure from the decades gone past? Or giving a new life to a special piece that has stood the test of time?


Scandinavia is known for spearheading sustainability in the fashion industry and beyond, and the Nordic capitals offer an array of stores and boutiques with a bountiful supply of vintage and second-hand gems. Head to the streets of Helsinki, and you’ll spot queues of cool kids lining up to UFFs to grab the hottest second-hand garments in town, or if you’re in the mood for rarer vintage finds, opt for smaller boutiques such as Ansa or Hoochie Mama Jane.

Whatever pre-loved pieces you might fancy, below, you’ll find Vogue Scandinavia’s edit on the best vintage and second-hand stores to visit on your next venture to the Finnish capital.