Video: Behind the scenes of Veronica Maggio's whimsical TikTok debut

By Doris Daga

Vogue Scandinavia joins Veronica Maggio behind the scenes of her TikTok debut, which transports us through tundra, desert and pasta dates for her single On a bus (På en buss)

“There are more fun things to do now than in 2006. You can go on forever making content, it’s a good age to be creative,” says Veronica Maggio to Vogue Scandinavia behind the scenes on the set of her new TikTok campaign for her single On a bus (På en buss).


Veronica Maggio’s record, And like usual something terrible happens (Chapter 1) (Och som vanligt händer det något hemskt (Kapitel 1), is her seventh release, debuting with Water and Bread (Vatten och Bröd) in 2006. Considered as one of Scandinavia’s biggest stars and this decade’s pop genius, Maggio’s critically acclaimed 2011 masterpiece Satan i Gatan, quite literally defined a generation.

Watch the Veronica Maggio x Vogue Scandinavia video:

Setting the bar for Swedish indie pop, Maggio has kept up her status year after year as the region’s most coveted artist. With her upcoming two-part album, it was time to take social media by storm, creating a massive TikTok campaign to paint the picture of what her song On a bus means to her and the heartache that comes with having a relationship On a (tour) bus.

In classic Maggio style, On a bus is a two minute, forty-seven-second long piano-based record, infused with strings and 1980s synths, beating to the rhythm of her lyrical mastermind. Yes, your heartstrings are pulled at in every syllable, something that has become Maggio’s sonic calling card.

Although there is a shimmer of severity over the song, Maggio’s TikTok debut is whimsical, transporting us through tundra, desert landscapes, and pasta dates – all in a yellow and silver brocade suit with to-die-for fringe. Vogue Scandinavia went behind the scenes with Maggio to take a look at the enormous production, and how TikTok became the chosen medium for this particular record.

With over twelve million views already, it is clear that Veronica Maggio is taking over the digital sphere as much as she’s dominated the radio waves for the past decade.

Listen to *Och som vanligt händer det något hemskt* on Spotify: