Beckmans College of Design - SS22

By Allyson Shiffman

All of the looks from the graduates of Stockholm's preeminent design school

Given the state of things during their graduating year, it’s little surprise that many in the graduating class of Beckmans, Stockholm’s most prestigious design school, looked inwards. Ultimately what they found were stark dichotomies – few people are any one thing, after all.


Siri Gertonsson mused on reflection, with a collection that juxtaposed light-as-air materials with sharp-shouldered tailoring (note the water painted marbling to tie the concept together). Yanis Dorey's culture-clash collection fused the designer’s far flung worlds. While Filippa Agaton, one of this year’s buzziest names, merged sporty elements with feminine elegance, best exemplified via a tennis white strapless dress with an expertly constructed bodice, decorated with an Agaton team pinny.

Others revelled in escapism. Marie Stensrud’s offering, rendered in optimistic pink, lime green and turquoise, created a utopian paradise, peppered with prints inspired by zebras and giraffes. Erika Haglund’s escape was a little more achievable, with tartan separates and a romantic prairie dress – complete with puffed sleeves and lemon print – that would be at home on the idyllic countryside. Mathilda Guve’s Alice in Wonderland-esque creations would be best at home in a vaudeville upside-down, with their exploding feathers and outrageous silhouettes.

Whether searching within themselves or somewhere else entirely, the presentation was pure fashion fantasy.

Photographs by Mathias Nordgren

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