Beckmans College of Design - 2024

By Billie Miro Breskin

Mathias Nordgren.

Graduates from Stockholm's most preeminent design school debuted their final collections as students

Each year, the graduating class of fashion designers at Beckmans School of Design put on a final fashion show. It’s their opportunity to synthesise the past three years of their education, drawing on the technical skills they’ve developed and the creative identities they’ve hewn to present their own small collections. Earlier this week, at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern in central Stockholm, those collections were revealed to the world, spotlit models strutting down the dark catwalk.


The 12 designers put forth collections that spoke to their myriad of interests, goals, and artistic visions. Hampus Ekman (who featured in Vogue Scandinavia's pages earlier this year) turned to astrology for inspiration, while Miranda Berg grappled with what it means to portray feminist fashion. Another graduating student, Paul Shutrick, explored the juxtaposition between Renaissance silhouettes and contemporary functionality, engaging with the meeting of man and machine. Sofia Ericson reimagined classic pieces, bypassing trends to rediscover the essence of minimalist fashion.

Ultimately, the 12 collections were a powerful statement from the designers, announcing their arrival to the fashion world - all while staying true to themselves.