The 7 best beauty boxes to sign up for this month

By Yvonne Dewerne

Beauty subscription boxes can revitalise a tired beauty regime or simply give you a chance to try something new

Are you looking to revamp your beauty regime or do you feel overwhelmed looking at beauty shelves? Monthly subscription boxes can be a perfect place to start, but with a huge number of boxes on the market, it can be hard to pick the best for you.


Here is a list of top picks available all over Scandinavia we are sure you would be happy to receive each month:

Look Fantastic

Subscription boxes are best for people with a bit of an adventurous side when it comes to their product use — after all you don’t know what you’ll be getting until it arrives at your door. LookFantastic has over 600 brands on their website and it's hard to choose what to buy. Their beauty box will help you make a decision. Each box comes with six products and once you find something you like, you know where to get more.

The Lady Box

Denmark, this one's for you. The Lady Box targets women in their thirties and forties, who often have a busy life and take care of a family. For a membership fee of DKK 179 per month, you'll receive at least six products. The Lady Box is your monthly reminder to focus on yourself, with carefully selected products for face, body and hair all intended to pamper. You deserve it.

Chok Chok Box

Are you a fan of all the beauty goodness coming out of Korea? We know how you feel. Getting your hands on them is now a whole lot easier thanks to The Chok Chok Box. There’s nothing quite like settling in for the night with your latest Netflix binge, and a fresh sheet mask on your face working its magic — and this subscription will help ensure you always have a healthy supply of premium K-beauty products on hand to do just that. In each box, you'll find three sheet masks, plus various deluxe-sized products, as well as one full-size item. In addition, the box can include accessories and makeup all worth at least 50 Euros.

Goodie Box

The Goodie Box satisfies the beauty needs of drugstore diamond hunters, undecided makeup fans or polish pros. The monthly box has an overall theme such as the “Get naked box” or the “First hint of Summer”. But if these titles are too vague, you can peek inside for a complete description of the products, plus the ingredients for each. It's almost too goodie to be true.


Ok, this isn't actually a monthly subscription box but a trend box that introduces you to the best ten products for the season. Be quick though, the Beauty Trend Box by Matas sells out super fast. A great feature is the unboxing video on the website, during which all products are shown in detail along with how to use them. If you're not one of the lucky ones who manages to get their hands on a box, you can always buy the products from the set individually.


Glossybox has been around for some time and it is still one of the best names in the subscription game. You can rely on them to have the best brands and come up with great collectors' boxes. Make sure you get products you'll truly love by creating your beauty profile from which your pink box will be tailored. And make it a couple thing by hooking up your guy with The Man Box.


Are you yet to find your signature scent? Or do you love to swap depending on your mood or season? If this is you, then a Sniph box could be your new best friend. Based on your collection of choice, you'll receive an 8ml perfume each month. All the scents are then gathered in your scent database, where you can rate them to personalise your journey to becoming a perfume connoisseur.