Avavav - AW24

By Clare McInerney

Photo: GoRunway

With the usual runway theatrics at play, the Swedish brand's autumn/winter '24 showcase was “a walk of online atonement”

Avavav’s autumn/winter ‘24 show marked the Swedish brand’s fourth ride on the Milan Fashion Week rodeo. The recurring placement on the Milanese schedule now brings with it an anticipation of stunt-ridden theatrics that are usually quick to go viral on the internet.


So, this time around, it was only natural for creative director Beate Karlsson to take a direct dive into the internet world. Like previous seasons, the show itself seemed an opportunity for Karlsson to address the aspects of the industry that challenge or distress, and this time it was the trolls that lurk in the depths of the online world. The mood was clear from the start, with two screens doom-scrolling through endless social media hate-spewing: ‘it’s giving nothing’, ‘so methy’, and ‘avavav is so overrated’ glimpsed in the loop of illuminated vitriol.

Then came the models, the sniper target of rubbish – banana peels, empty coffee cups and gunk-filled balloons – which the brand equipped to guests to evoke something of “a walk of online atonement”, in Karlsson's words. But driving a clear point home for the brand, the airborne garbage did not distract from the collection's delivery. Extending past the usual repertoire that Karlsson has previously dubbed “luxury streetwear”, the AW24 collection embraces a new focus on tailoring and deconstructed pieces that felt more commercial and wearable than ever before.

A stand-out was Karlsson’s clear aptitude with accessories. Avavav’s iconic four-toed boots have made a return for the season, along with a new bag collaboration with Eastpak that will be slung over many a shoulder when it drops.

See the full Avavav AW24 collection below:

Avavav - AW24