ATP Atelier - SS23

By Josefin Forsberg

Already dreaming of the early signs of spring, ATP Atelier's SS23 collection is an ode to new beginnings

Being a brand based in Scandinavia, spring is a sacred time of year for ATP Atelier. "In fashion in general I think that autumn is when the year starts over, however, in the northern countries spring is the real rebirth," muses Maj-La Pizzelli, the brand's co-founder and creative director. As such, Pizzelli got caught up on budding florals for the brand's upcoming collection. "One of the first flowers to bloom in spring is the yellow Mimosa and we chose to have this shade set the direction for the collection as the most important hue in the colour card," she says.


"There’s nothing like that feeling, seeing the first flowers bloom as the light slowly comes back into our lives. That’s the tone we wanted to set for this season." In addition to the Mimosa there are pops of blue glow and mandarin, with more muted earthy tones of linen, limestone and hazelnut serving as a neutralising base.

Staying true to the brand's soft and swooping silhouettes, spring brings a touch of sharper, more feminine features. This can be seen in the juxtaposition of padded uppers and rounded platforms together with pointy slingbacks and intricate stitching. Other new additions to keep an eye on for the upcoming season is a plissé material in lamb nappa, adding an intriguing 3D surface to some of the new pieces. And perhaps one of the most important pieces, however, is the exaggerated baguette, made even more pragmatic and useful than before.

As for picking a favourite, Pizzelli says that: "It’s always tough, playing favourites." With multiple new signature-worthy styles in the spring/summer 2023 line-up it is easy to see why. "But." she continues, "if I have to choose I think it would be our new Airola loafer." The classic cut will, of course, be available in more muted colourways as well as the season's signature mimosa yellow. "It’s a no-brainer, basically. It’s effortless, and that is what I always look for in a staple."

See the full lookbook below:

ATP Atelier SS23