Anniken Jørgensen
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Anniken Jørgensen’s renovation diary: How she transformed a city centre flat into a dream home

By Anniken Jørgensen

Photo: Theo A.E.

Vogue Scandinavia follows the designer and beauty entrepreneur as she swaps a tiny Sex and the City apartment for a little bit of Paris in the heart of Oslo

So, my fiancé and I have known each other for less than a year, can you imagine?


We actually met at this garden party last summer, he walked in and I just knew. Love at first sight (at least for me). We didn’t really speak much, but we just couldn’t stop staring at each other. I texted him the week after asking him out, but he turned me down. I didn’t give up though, and the fourth time I asked he eventually gave in. We went for a drive in my car, and the rest is history…

Five months later we moved in together and four months after that we got engaged.

I used to live in this very small apartment, and he had just moved back to the city when I met him. So we quickly decided to look for an apartment together.

I’d always told my friends I would never sell my small “Sex and the City apartment”, but I’m so happy I did.