Amelia Gray heads into the desert to reimagine a beloved Byredo scent

By Allyson Shiffman

Photo: Byredo

Model Amelia Gray stars in a Byredo campaign that reimagines a beloved scent: Mojave Ghost

Following Lisa Rinna’s iconic appearance on the Rotate runway last year, another member of the Rinna-Hamlin household is showing up for a Scandinavian brand. Rinna and Harry Hamlin’s daughter, model Amelia Gray, stars in the latest Byredo campaign. Shot by renowned photographer Harley Weir, the image finds Gray embodying one of the Swedish beauty brand’s most beloved scents: Mojave Ghost. A celebration of the scent’s 10th anniversary, the project is part of an ongoing series celebrating Byredo’s enduring fragrances.


“Just like any artist has their medium, modelling is my medium,” says Gray. “Exploring all the facets of Mojave Ghost through this creative collaboration with [Byredo creative director] Ben Gorham and Harley Weir has been a fascinating exercise in different forms of self-expression.”

Photo: Byredo

Photo: Byredo

Evoking the scent’s primary origin, the Mojave Desert’s ghost flower, Gray appears bathed in soft dusky light, her eyes rimmed with imperfect black eyeliner. “In front of the camera, the whole entire world just stops,” says Gray, who travelled with Weir into the desert, which spans south-eastern California, southern Nevada, south-western Utah and north-western Arizona. “The mood of the desert, the creative energy channelling this story of the ghost flower, became totally encompassing.”

The mood of the desert, the creative energy channelling this story of the ghost flower, became totally encompassing.

Amelia Gray

For Byredo creative director Ben Gorham, Gray was a natural fit for the project. “In Byredo’s continuous exploration of memory and culture I've always believed it's the new generation's job to find the next iteration and cultivate new versions of what came before,” says Gorham. Amelia represents this type of rising talent.” The campaign doubles down on the brand's distinct ability to capture a mood rather than product, a particularly appropriate approach for this particular scent. “Mojave Ghost had no set parameters from the start,” says Gorham. “It wasn't about raw materials or rigid definitions. It emerged from a flower, a place, and a narrative – an exploration of emotion rather than fixed raw materials.”

Photo: Byredo

Incidentally, heading out into barren land and channelling a scent was right up Gray’s alley. “Like Ben Gorham and Byredo, I am endlessly seeking different outlets for creative expression,” she says. “No box really defines me, but whatever the output, it’s important to be unapologetically myself.”