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Alicia Vikander opens up about family, fame, and her road to becoming Scandinavia's biggest star

By Allyson Shiffman

Photo: Thomas Cristiani

No doubt about it, Alicia Vikander is a bona fide star. Arguably Scandinavia’s biggest, in fact. On the occasion of her birthday, we look back at her first Vogue Scandinavia cover, where Vikander opens up about fame, family and this photoshoot

On a brick-lain dead end street in an unsexy neighbourhood in Paris, several people clad mostly in black are arranged in some sort of huddle. Hushed voices punctuated by little spurts of hairspray emanate from the pack. One man holds an umbrella, despite the fact that there is a cloud blocking the mid-morning sun.


“It’s moving,” someone shouts. Everyone looks towards the sky, watching the cloud pass. All at once the block is flooded with sunlight and the group disperses to reveal Alicia Vikander. She wears a drop-waisted Victorian Louis Vuitton dress, its exaggerated hips only accentuating her tiny frame. With every movement – slight and precise – the light shimmers across the embellished bodice. She looks like, well, like a movie star shooting the cover of Vogue.