Acne Studios reopened Södermalm store is straight from the future

By Allyson Shiffman

Photo: Acne Studios

The famed Swedish label brings you the future of shopping

Acne Studios' newly reopened Södermalm shop is straight from our wildest dystopian fantasies. Rendered in shades of Acne pink, the space merges a traditional physical retail experience with our ever-increasing desire to make all of our purchases with a tap or a click. Designed by renowned Swedish interior architect firm Halleroed, it offers a more extreme take on the increasingly stripped down aesthetic of the brand’s retail spaces.

Six digital touchscreens offer a view of the current collection in its entirety. Shoppers can check availability both within Stockholm and on the brand’s web store. Same-day delivery is available at the tap of a button. Meanwhile, uncertain shoppers can create a wish list to be accessed later via QR code. Welcome to the future.

Photo: Acne Studios

The brand called upon New York-based artist Jessi Reaves, whose material-focused work sits somewhere between furniture and sculpture, to contribute fixtures to the space. In addition to the Mad Max-esque holsters for the aforementioned screens, Reaves outfitted the dressing rooms with upholstered stools. “I liked the idea that the stools would be in the dressing room because it’s a place for a private encounter,” she says. “It’s also a space, where you evaluate the clothes and the body. I like that the stools would be in there with a person in that state of mind.

Photo: Acne Studios

Photo: Acne Studios

Meanwhile, artist and longtime Acne collaborator Daniel Silver created the mannequins at the centre of the space. Many of the figures have their arms in the air in apparent celebration. It was the perfect centrepiece for yesterday evening’s reopening party, which brought out the better part of Stockholm’s fashion scene, clad in their Acne finery.

The Acne Studios Stockholm Nytorgsgatan store reopens on March 10.

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