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Inside Vogue Scandinavia's avatar's inaugural fashion shoot

By Saskia Neuman

Artist duo Inka and Niclas Lindergård construct a magical world as the set for our cyber muse AADA’s first fashion feature

The artists Inka and Niclas Lindergård met almost 15 years ago at art school. “We became a couple, and started working together almost simultaneously,” Inka tells me when I meet them in their studio in Liljeholmen, Stockholm. “We spent all this time together, helping one another; it was a natural progression that we started fusing our practices into one. And it’s always easier when there’s an extra set of hands.”


The duo’s work often plays with the idea of natural phenomena. Though their images depict authentic moments, by using specially configured equipment, they capture scenes that subvert the standard expectations for nature photography. Light hits a rock in a way that a very “unnatural”, fluorescent pink hue appears. A palm tree is illuminated in artificial purples as the sun rises. Their contemporary aesthetic mixes pop-like, hyper-realistic undertones with a stylistically classical approach to still imagery.