A. Røge Hove - SS22

By Allyson Shiffman

A highly-anticipated show on the Copenhagen Fashion Week calendar, A. Røge Hove rose to the occasion

The name has been whispered throughout the week. A. Røge Hove: the show that can't be missed. In just a few short seasons, Amalie Røge Hove's brand, which revels in sexy and slinky knitwear, has become a favourite among the industry, street-style stars and celebs alike.


Realised in black and white — save for pops of pink and slime green — Hove’s technical prowess was on full display, the backdrop of a white industrial space offering no distractions. Nearly transparent knit trousers ran long with subtle flares at the ankle, extending over delicate mules. Cardigans were fashioned small, very small, with buttons and ties bursting. A diamond pattern found a new way to expose some skin. Meanwhile, white-knit dresses revealed whispers of black underlay, like smoke billowing. A celebration of the female form realised by a designer with a gorgeously defined language.

See the full collection below: