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Take the plunge and conquer your fear of heights with this prolific duo of Norwegian 'death divers'

By Allyson Shiffman

From left to right Cap, €75. (di)vision. Recycled polyester scarf. Isnurh. Chain necklace. Talent’s own. Racing logo shirt, €173. Phipps. Sweater, worn underneath, €298. Marc Jacobs. Photo: Ole Martin Halvorsen

In Norway, hurling oneself from outrageous heights into the sea has become a way of life. Dubbed death diving, the extreme sport is at once thrilling, dangerous and unexpectedly beautiful, marrying lush locales with an act that’s universally compelling to watch. Just ask the countless viewers obsessing over the sport online. Truls Torp and Kim André Knutsen, two prolific death divers, take us to their favourite local spot just outside of Oslo to show us how it’s done