A look back at Rebecca Ferguson’s biggest on-screen moments

By Billie Miro Breskin

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This is where you’ve seen Vogue Scandinavia's June-July cover star before

Between her killer acting chops and stunning beauty, it’s impossible to take your eyes off Rebecca Ferguson when she’s on screen. In honour of her cover story for Vogue Scandinavia, we’ve taken a look back at her best and brightest moments on the silver screen. Whether she’s playing an opera singer or an M16 agent, here are all of the Swedish actress’ unmissable moments.


‘Dune: Part One’ and ‘Dune: Part Two’

No film phenomenon has been bigger in the past few years than the Dune franchise, directed by Denis Villeneuve. Playing Lady Jessica, the mother of the messiah, Ferguson was instantly a standout in both films. Set apart from her role as the fierce matriarch, Ferguson also was a standout of the second film’s accompanying press tour, her humour and candour winning viewers’ hearts.


When the science fiction series Silo premiered a year ago, its popularity was so immense that the show was renewed for a second season before the finale. In the dystopian universe of the show - based on Hugh Howey’s book trilogy - Ferguson plays Juliette Nichols, an engineer in the underground society at the series’ centre. Ferguson not only stars in Silo, but also serves as an executive producer, no doubt guiding the series towards more successful seasons.

‘Mission: Impossible’

Rebecca Ferguson has been a fixture of the Mission: Impossible franchise since 2015, when she first appeared as Ilsa Faust, the M16 agent. While she likely won’t be returning to play the character in future films, Ferguson certainly left her mark on the series, bringing steely courage to the role. Even more impressive is that Ferguson insisted on performing most of her own stunts on the most recent film, a testament to her dedication.

‘Doctor Sleep’

Not for the faint of heart, Doctor Sleep scared audiences as much as it intrigued them when it came out in 2019. Adapted from Stephen King’s novel of the same name, the supernatural horror film saw Rebecca Ferguson as Rose the Hat, a psychic cult leader. Playing the character with gravitas, Ferguson balanced terrifying cruelty and winning manipulation, resulting in a performance that cements her as a movie villain to be remembered.

‘The Greatest Showman’

Between its dazzling circus acts, stirring songs, and intricate costuming, there’s no need to wonder why The Greatest Showman has remained a fan favourite since its release in 2017. Here at Vogue Scandinavia, however, we also remember the blockbuster movie for Rebecca Ferguson’s performance as opera singer Jenny Lind, the “Swedish Nightingale.” Ferguson shone in the role, glamorous as ever as she emulated the Swedish legend.