The best 6 parks and gardens in Stockholm to seek out this summer

By Rebecca Hyde-Price Aggestam

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Longing for summer strolls and weekend hikes? Below, Vogue Scandinavia rounds up the best gardens and parks for a green retreat in Stockholm

As summer rolls out its sunniest days and Sweden once again welcome nature's abundance, there is nowhere better to be than one of Stockholm’s blossoming green spaces. Centuries of rose tweaking, lily fancying and hedge clipping has created some of the most beautiful gardens and parks in the Nordic region. And despite all the surrounding water and canals, almost half of the city consists of beautiful greenery and parks.


Stockholm’s residents are spoiled for choice when it comes these green gems. Of course, it’s worth visiting the many royal parks – from Djurgården and Drottningholm to Haga park – yet there are plenty of lesser-known woodlands, squares and marshes to explore as well (if you prefer to avoid swarming crowds).

Here, Vogue Scandinavia rounds up the best places to get a nature fix in Stockholm. And do not fret, for you can trust our well-rounded judgement as our headquarters are located in Sweden’s buzzing capital and we have therefore personally tried and tested these green havens.



Nestled right in the heart of buzzing Stockholm is Djurgården, a tranquil oasis of greenery beloved by both Stockholmers and tourists alike. Having been in possession of the crown since the 15th century, Djurgården’s beautiful scenery reflects generations of rose tweaking and hedge clipping – creating a cosy ambience – perfect for hot treks during summertime. Our personal tip? Start your day at Gärdet, the former royal hunting ground, and make your way leisurely to the cluster of city museums – from the infamous Abba Museum and Skansen to the Vasa Museum.

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Haga Park

Adjacent to Crown Princess Victoria’s living residence Haga Palace are the beautiful lawns of Haga Park. Situated north of Stockholm in the suburb of Solna, this quintessentially English landscape is one of Sweden’s most popular recreational areas, boasting lush lawns and picturesque greenery. Also home to many historical landmarks such as the Chinese Temple, the Turkish Kiosk and the Royal Burial Ground.

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A popular spot for city workers on a lunch break, Humlegården is a green oasis situated right in the heart of buzzing Östermalm, just a stone’s throw away from Vogue Scandinavia’s new 'forever home' in Lärkstaden. Here, we see businessmen, friends and families alike, lounging peacefully on the grass, soaking up the sun. Formally a coveted royal park, first belonging to King Gustav II Adolf, Humlegården became renowned for seasoning fruits and spices. However, in 1869, Humlegården became a public park and has since then flourished into a rich cultural hub – housing the National Library, restaurants and dog parks.

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Rosendal Gardens

Unbeknownst to Stockholm newcomers and tourists alike, Rosendals’ Garden is truly one of Stockholm’s hidden green gems. Located on the Djurgården island, this charming hideaway is filled with a kaleidoscopic range of flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables – all available to enjoy at the renowned restaurant and café. Explore the vast orchard that boasts over 50 different kinds of apples, the rose garden, bakery and farm shop – all focused on highlighting the rich offerings of our region. This green haven is truly an inspiration for nature lovers manifesting a sustainable life.

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Drottningholm park

A popular tourist destination, albeit not exactly located in central Stockholm, is Drottningholms’ park – home to Sweden’s dashing King Carl XVI and Queen Silivia. Here, witness the grandeur of Sweden’s finest and most groomed gardens as you stroll about the impressive grounds. You will become utterly enamoured by the variation of artistic styles from centuries past – ranging from 17th century baroque-style hedges to quintessentially English lawns dating back to the late 18th century. You may even spot King Carl XVI himself grazing the grounds on a brisk morning walk.

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Located north of Stockholm, Marabouparken is one of Sweden’s best preserved functionalist parks. As you peruse the grounds, you will spot an eclectic mix of sculptures as well as a covetable gallery – offering an array of contemporary art and exhibitions. The founders of the park, Marabou’s director Henning Throne-Holst and Sven Hermelin, both shared ideas about how nature, architecture and art could help counteract the adverse effects of urbanisation and industrialisation, which they’ve thoroughly integrated into the beautiful surroundings of Marabouparken.

Photo: @marabouparken