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5 places in the Nordics to put on your bucket list for 2022

By Ása Steinars

Photo: Norris Niman

Nature expert Àsa Steinars has searched far and wide for the must-visit places in the Nordics to visit in 2022

It's common knowledge that after the lazy days we spend between Christmas and New Years, we're all in need of some inspiration on living life to the fullest. Having spent our days with family in familiar places, gorging ourselves on holiday foods, we find ourselves caught by the travel bug.


But where should we go if we want to truly experience the very best that the north has to offer? What should we put on our bucket lists that truly embody the amazing adventures to be had in our beautiful landscapes?

Below, we've gathered the guaranteed destinations for life-changing trips to put on your travel bucket list for 2022.

Greenland East Coast Sailing with Aurora Arktika

Embark on a journey aboard Aurora or Arktika to take you to places you can never imagine. Explore the forbidden coast of east Greenland and find yourself sailing amid icebergs and whales deep into the fjords. This is a trip for the adventurous. It’s an expedition of the unknown and one of the most remote places on this planet. The reward is something incredibly unique and a memory for a lifetime.

Photo: Norris Niman

Photo: Norris Niman