4 handbag lovers share what's on their Christmas wishlist

By Marianne Theodorsen

Photo: Cecilie Semec

Knowing what to put under the tree can be a real brain-twist, so we asked four bag lovers to share what they're hoping for this holiday season

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Shopping for the perfect Christmas gift can be a stressful affair. You have a million things on your to-do list, and between all the planning of holiday parties and getting up to speed on your work, there's hardly enough brain capacity left to be thinking of what to put under the tree. In addition, you don't want to be spending countless sweaty hours in stuffed shops only to be presented with a stiff smile and a non-convincing, "Oh, thank you, this is lovely" once unwrapped.

So what to get? We daresay a handbag is always a great idea.

Handbag lover or not, it's something most of us use on a daily basis, and the right handbag will be a surefire item put to good use — an essential matter of consideration when shopping for gifts. If you're looking for something for a true handbag aficionado, keep your eyes open for the unconventional bag related gifts as well. Perhaps a bag organiser (Samorga has some really great ones) or maybe something fun to decorate the bag with like this charm from Loewe will satiate those particular purse cravings?

With this in mind, we asked four fashion insiders to share their ultimate wishlist in the interest of making things a little bit easier for you.

Sabrina Sadiq, Luxury Promise CEO

Sabrina Sadiq, the CEO of Luxury Promise and handbag aficionado . Photo: @sabrinasadiq Follow

Sabrina Sadiq is the CEO of Luxury Promise, an online destination for pre-loved high-end goods. She has a seriously drool-worthy handbag collection and she is, of course, hoping for some orange boxes under the tree this season. Or as she likes to call it, "My daily dose of vitamin C".


Jige Duo Wallet

"Of course, Hermès is on my list - the Hermès Jige Duo wallet in the colour Nata. Nata is a beautiful cream shade crafted from swift leather. This is a compact wallet which is perfect to fit in your phone but has a compartment for cards. It is super chic and elegant. Great to wear out for Christmas events."

Louis Vuitton

Prism Backpack

"This I want for sentimental reasons. A piece of art created by an incredible creative mind who will be deeply missed by the fashion industry for so many reasons. As a connoisseur of luxury, my wishlist and handbag collection would not be complete without this in it."

Bottega Veneta

AirPods Pro case

"A teeny tiny beautiful accessory is the last thing on my list. The Bottega Veneta AirPod case in pink is super cute, and crafted with classic intrecciato woven design which is signature to Bottega. A perfect small accessory to house my AirPods."

Dino Bonačić: fashion journalist

A collector of vintage bags, Dino Bonačić knows a thing or two about what to gift a true purse purveyor. Photo: @dinobonacic

Freelance fashion journalist Dino Bonačić is a collector of vintage bags, and his Instagram is filled to the brim of great pieces that makes you want to run to the nearest thrift shop. His wishes includes Y2K aesthetics and a bag strap which is a great gift if you have an old bag that needs some TLC.


Hand-Braided Body Strap

"As a big lover and collector of vintage bags, I think that having a beautifully crafted detachable strap can easily transform something old and tatty into a fabulous piece of newness. This one from Bally is a great example of elevating simplicity, and will fit on virtually any shape in my collection."

The Restory


"There’s nothing sadder than discovering a one-of-a-kind vintage find and realising there’s something broken or missing. The Restory in London is an incredible service that repairs luxury leather goods, including bags, to the point that no one will realise the piece was broken. They are not as accessibly priced as your local cobbler, but they really do some magic. There’s a whole section in my cupboard just waiting to be handed over."

Gift packages from €45.

Bailey Hikawa

Phone case

"I’m not usually big on tech-y accessories, but ever since I stumbled upon Bailey Hikawa’s designs, I can’t help but dream of holding one of those chunky, ASMR-inducing sculptures in my hand. They recently did a custom piece for actress Lena Dunham which captured fake eyelashes and colourful fresh flowers in a see-through jelly form which really blew my mind."

Marianne Theodorsen: Vogue Scandinavia's handbag expert

Vogue Scandinavia's handbag expert know just what she wants to find under the tree. Photo: @mariannetheodorsen

Content creator Marianne Theodorsen is our handbag expert — and a handbag collector always on the lookout for those fun pieces. Her wishes are no exception, with colourful bags and handbag decorations being some of the things she hopes to find under the tree.


Bag charm

"This colourful little charm from Hermès has been on my mind ever since I first laid eyes on it. In fact it's been haunting me. It'll be such a fun companion to my colourful bag collection, so I hope Santa is reading this (or my husband)."

Juergen Teller

Handbags book

"I love Juergen Teller´s photography, and I love handbags, so I’m kind of surprised I don't own this book already? If you want to know what kind of book this is the title will give you a pretty good idea: It’s just a lot of pictures taken by Teller, all featuring handbags. I mean can it get any better? I think not."


Misu Mini bag

"No wishlist is complete without some great Scandinavian design. The perfect small everyday bag in a seriously delicious colour. It has a shoulder strap too which is a huge plus for me given the fact that I always carry around a gazillion things."

Ellie Delphine, content creator

Ellie Delphine's colourful carry-alls lend itself to a bold aesthetic.

Content creator Ellie Delphine is known for her bold outfits and has a real soft spot for fun, standout bags. Her wishlist is just as fun as her personal style.


Tommy beaded bag

"Staud Tommy bags are a favourite of mine. They’re so easy to wear and are an affordable luxury. This particular one with its colourful beads is the perfect accessory to brighten any dull winter day."


Micro Saddle Bag

"I’m obsessed with micro bags and the micro Dior Saddle is no exception. They’re the most impractical little things ever, but who cares about being practical when the bag is this adorable."

Dragon Diffusion

Santa Croce small woven-leather tote bag

Via Matchesfashion

"I will most probably go to the Caribbean for the holidays so a woven basket bag is all I will ever need for my trip! Casual chic at its finest."