4 wonderful natural wine bars to visit in Helsinki

By Linnéa Pesonen

Photo: Ida Syväniemi

On your next trip to the Finnish capital, sip this summer's beverage du jour at one these charming natural wine bars

Although it might be one of the trendiest beverages of the moment, natural wine actually is the age-old, traditional way to make wine. Simply put, what makes natural wine different from wine is its organic production that typically cuts out all unnecessary pesticides, herbicides and additives. The result? A delicious and deeply flavoursome drink that is likely to become your beverage of choice for the following times you're browsing the wine list.


Depending on where you are, natural wine can still be a sort of a rare treat that's not found at every restaurant and bar. However, in Helsinki, a few spots have specialised in serving the delightful drink, dedicating their wine selection to natural and organic wines only. Below, Vogue Scandinavia has listed the best natural wine bars to explore during your next visit to the Finnish capital.



A cosy wine bar located in the heart of Helsinki, Vin-Vin's wine selection focuses on organic and natural wines from small producers. A guaranteed hot spot for any wine-lover, Vin-Vin is also the oldest wine bar in town, and alongside a great selection of beverages, broad expertise and knowledge of wine are assured. Have some nibbles while you taste a range of natural wines, or grab a glass of your favourite and secure a seat overlooking the city's bustling streets.

Kalevankatu 6, 00120 Helsinki, Finland

Photo: Joonas Ojala

Photo: Joonas Ojala



A bakery and a natural wine bar, Way has developed a great concept combining the the finest bottles with the tastiest baked treats in town. Situated in Helsinki’s hip area of Kallio, Way offers everything from a nutritious breakfast and brunch to a hearty pasta lunch - accompanied by a refreshing glass of natural wine, of course. If you don’t have time to sit down, buy a bottle and save it for your next picnic at one Helsinki's lush parks.

Agricolankatu 9, 00530 Helsinki, Finland

Photo: Lauri Kähkönen

Photo: Lauri Kähkönen



A relaxed and quaint bistro located in Helsinki’s trendiest district of Kallio, in addition to a broad selection of unique natural wines, Wino also boasts an impressive, fine dining menu perfect to be coupled up with your choice of beverage. With the kitchen taking its cues from French cuisine and the atmosphere transporting you straight onto the streets of Paris, an evening at Wino indeed feels like a brief getaway to the city of lights. To secure a table, we recommend booking early as this intimate spot is buzzing regardless of the day of the week.

Fleminginkatu 11, 00500 Helsinki, Finland

Photo: Ida Syväniemi

Photo: Ida Syväniemi



A culinary gem located in Vallila, one of Helsinki's most charming areas, Plein is not only a popular restaurant but also a great natural wine bar. Surrounded by rustic settings, Plein's food will take your taste buds on a trip around Europe, while the restaurant's selection of natural wines will provide a perfect pairing to the dishes. If you're not in the mood for food, grab a glass, head to the restaurant's terrace, and soak in some sun.

Suvannontie 18, 00510 Helsinki, Finland

Photo: Ida Syväniemi

Photo: Ida Syväniemi