4 times Snoh Aalegra dropped the mic on Twitter

By Allyson Shiffman

September 6, 2021

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Swedish-born R&B superstar Snoh Aalegra did not come to play

Though she is not one to engage in unnecessary Twitter discourse, when it does come to shutting down a debate, Snoh Aalegra leaves no room for rebuttal. Case in point, when a photo of her chatting with Joe Budden at Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club anniversary party in New York sparked dating rumours just last week, she swiftly set the record straight:

Below, we list all the other times Snoh Aalegra has iconically dropped the mic via Twitter:


When she shut down comparisons to Sade

Earlier this year in a since-deleted tweet, a twitter user enthusiastically declared that “Snoh Aalegra is our Sade.” The sentiment was gaining some traction, when Aalegra responded in spectacular fashion:

And just like that, Aalegra solidifies her own legend status.


When she set the record straight on her ethnicity for the last time

Rightfully exhausted about absurd online “debates” regarding her ethnicity, Aalegra laid out the “hard facts” in three expertly composed tweets. Brilliant, no-nonsense and totally to the point, this is how you shut down a discussion that shouldn’t have existed in the first place.


When she shaded an ex

Aalegra’s soulful, sometimes-savage lyrics often draw twitter speculation, the primary query being: “who is she singing about?” Lucky for us, the artist will occasionally answer. When asked about the star sign of the subject of her track “On My Mind,” her response was masterful.


When she shut down the debate for world’s best snack

Long live the kronut.

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