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The 6 best songs released in 2022 so far

By Doris Daga

Photo: Getty

January is officially behind us, so it's time to reflect on the year so far and the music that has shaped the start of 2022. Here, Vogue Scandinavia's music expert, Doris Daga, rounds up the top tracks

We've managed to make it through the doom and gloom of the first of two winter months in 2022. In times of solitude and sub-zero degree winds, we turn to the arts to feel something other than the melancholy we are all currently facing.


Music allows us to escape, and to dream away to the warmth that is beginning to feel like it is on the horizon. So, how has 2022 shaped up so far in terms of music? From the stellar Euphoria soundtrack to a surprise mixtape from FKA Twigs, it's time to take a look at the best songs of 2022 so far.