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Vogue Scandinavia's scent, created by Björk and Berries, will enhance the reader's journey by activating all the senses. Spray it on your copy of the magazine to further immerse yourself in our universe.

Inspired by the Swedish mountain lake, Fjällsjö evokes the incomparably fresh scent of Nordic nature. A unisex fragrance ideal for any occasion.

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The Scent of Vogue Scandinavia: Fjällsjö by Björk and Berries.
Eau de parfum, 50 ml/1.7 fl.oz.

Made in Sweden
80% ingredients from natural origin
72% ingredients from organic origin
Made of organic fermented alcohol

Shipping and handling

Shipping costs included in the price.
Ships within 2 days. Estimated shipping time:
Sweden: 3-6 business days
Europe: 5-10 business days

Due to dangerous goods regulations this product can only be shipped within Europe.

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