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  1. "This image of a naked family, sitting casually in the garden, is an ode to the Nordic love of nature": Letter from the editor

    In Vogue Scandinavia's April/May issue, editor-in-chief Martina Bonnier welcomes in spring by celebrating family, nature and a Nordic love of nudity

    By Martina Bonnier
  2. Video: The world's youngest billionaire lives alone in this extraordinary manor

    In this Vogue Scandinavia exclusive video, we invite you to step inside Gustav Magnar Witzøe’s Trondheim mansion, where the world’s youngest billionaire shares his eerie childhood memories and discusses the ingredients of success

    By Linnéa Pesonen
  3. A family is meant to love you unconditionally, but what happens when they don’t?

    For many queer youth, finding a community that embraces, loves and supports each other regardless of blood is often a matter of life and death. Here Stockholm-based celebrity eyebrow stylist Thomas McEntee pens a personal essay about finding a chosen family

    By Thomas McEntee
  4. Discoball dressing: How to wear this season’s shiniest looks

    Shine on, you crazy diamond, in looks that are stoned and sequinned. Frocks that are fit to party, totally shimmery cardis and even denim get the sparkle treatment

    By Marie-Claire Chappet
  5. The hilarious, tragic and extraordinary being of artist Sara-Vide Ericson

    Sara-Vide Ericson’s oil paintings, depicting rural scenes that blur memory with imagination, have made her a Scandinavian art world darling. While her work is imbued with Nordic noir enigma, the artist herself is an open book – wide open, in fact. We head to the Swedish countryside to get a glimpse...

    By Saskia Neuman
  6. 'Daughters': An exclusive short story by Moa Backe Åstot

    A rising star in the literary world, Moa Backe Åstot shines a light on Sámi culture through her enthralling coming-of-age novels. Here, she pens a short story exclusively for Vogue Scandinavia on family, Sámi mythology and the secrets that bind us. To illustrate the text, we called upon famed...

    By Moa Backe Åstot
  7. Bill Skarsgård gives us Stockholm Syndrome with his latest role

    He’s handsome, charismatic and the camera loves him. No, we’re not talking about Bill Skarsgård, but Clark Olofsson, Sweden’s most infamous outlaw, whom Skarsgård takes on in his new series, Clark. We speak to the 31-year-old actor about petty crime, bad disguises and the misadventures of growing...

    By Allyson Shiffman
  8. #MyVogueScandinavia: Gabriella Le Blanc paints intimate portraits that celebrate the beauty of all women

    After an extended period of uncertainty, Finnish-American artist Gabriella Le Blanc has finally found her voice. Discovered through our #MyVogueScandinavia platform, here she discusses her work and showcases an exclusive artwork for Vogue

    By Jennifer Nilsson
  9. leevi-ikaheimo

    Meet the young designer spearheading the Finnish fashion revolution

    Upon first glance, Leevi Ikäheimo’s sharp silhouettes look like they would prick the skin. But upon closer inspection, the protruding spikes are something different altogether. Discover why this innovative designer needs to be on your radar

    By Josefin Forsberg
  10. What is Northern Gothic? This season’s monochrome has a supernatural flavour

    Something wicked comes our way… introducing Northern Gothic; a fresh new fashion movement based on classic, eerie romanticism with an injection of Mod-cool, and a sharp, spikey, punk edge

    By Marie-Claire Chappet
  11. The Euphoria effect: Why "club kid" cool is back in fashion

    Tight and tiny garments that shimmer and pop present totally in-your-face looks with no – ahem – cares to give. Jolts of texture, be they spiky or sparkly, and small but mighty accessories don’t whisper, they shout

    By Marie-Claire Chappet
  12. Meet the world's youngest billionaire businessman who models on the side

    The heir to one of the world’s largest salmon farming fortunes, Gustav Magnar Witzøe is among the youngest billionaires in the world. Now, the fish magnate is also poised to take over the modelling and tech world – all from his home in Trondheim

    By Natalie Salmon
  13. Elsa Hosk wearing a slouchy suit

    Elsa Hosk gives us 15 reasons to invest in a slouchy suit

    Elsa Hosk has mastered the loose-fit blazer and slouchy suiting. Here the Swedish supermodel and Vogue Scandinavia's April/May cover star guides us towards a tailored take on the model off-duty look

    By Josefin Forsberg
  14. Elsa Hosk delivers yet another masterclass in accessorising like a true Scandi

    When it comes to the art of dressing, Swedish supermodel Elsa Hosk has it mastered: always embodying that classic Scandinavian elegance combined with her own individual and eclectic spin. Here, we spotlight the latest brands to receive Elsa’s sartorial stamp of approval

    By Rebecca Hyde-Price Aggestam