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  1. 3 at-home DIY alternatives to your next nail appointment

    At-home nail care is clawing its way into our beauty routines. These are our three favourite Nordic solutions for an at-home manicure that lasts

    By Josefin Forsberg
  2. The 7 spring nail trends to try right now, according to the experts

    Spring's arrival brings a fresh batch of nail trends to get excited about. This season, we've tapped experts Celina Rydén and Frida Selkirk to narrow down the options ahead of our next visit to the nail salon. From soft pastels, to romantic nail art and beyond – these are the spring 2024 nail...

    By Josefin Forsberg
  3. Reverse tips, 'glass' manicures and Bieber's citrus shades: 30 nail trends to try this summer

    Pondering potential manicures for your next nail appointment? Might we suggest dashes of daring colour, dainty florals and three designs inspired by Hailey Bieber? Below, discover Vogue Scandinavia's ultimate list of the top nail trends to try in 2024

    By Josefin Forsberg
  4. Sidney Sweeny sports light pink nails by Euphoria artist Natalie Minerva

    15 Valentine's Day nail trends to fall in love with this year

    Got a a romantic dinner planned with your significant other or spending your night piled in front of Love Island Sweden with your best friends? Whether you're love-struck or anti-Cupid, these are the Vogue-approved nail designs to ask for this Valentine's Day

    By Josefin Forsberg
  5. Discover this heart-warming celebration of chosen families

    Family is blood and genetics, but it's also emotional connections, friendships, and overall pure love

    By Vogue Scandinavia
  6. The holiday touch: These are the best nail trends to try this festive season

    With Christmas on our doorstep and New Year's Eve just around the corner, keep your finger on the pulse and take nail inspiration from our exclusive editorial

    By Esteban G Villanueva
  7. Game, set, manicure: The tennis-themed nails to try this summer

    Haven't you heard? Tennis is the sport showing up on everyone's mood boards this summer. Extend the trend to your nails with these creative and colourful designs

    By Lauren Murdoch-Smith
  8. Beauty selfie

    Anissa Kermiche's beauty shelfies: "My skin rashes were so brutal that I had to pay attention to my wellness"

    Anissa Kermiche's coveted pieces, including her cult Love Handles vase, are beloved by the Scandinavian cool crowd. Here the Paris-born designer and jeweller talks to us about cocktailing skincare, homemade scrubs inspired by her Algerian heritage and the power of mind over the body

    By Fiona Embleton
  9. frida selkirk

    “I see a manicure as an accessory much more than just a beauty detail.”: Frida Selkirk on the miniature art of nails

    As part of Vogue Scandinavia’s Ode to the Beauty Artist series, we shine a light on the beauty teams behind the scenes of our shoots and films. We speak to Frida Selkirk who has made it her mission to turn nails into miniature artworks

    By Fiona Embleton