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  1. "In search of perfect asymmetry": Danish Israeli jewellery designer Orit Elhanati on what drives her incredible work

    Orit Elhanati's magical jewellery pieces are captivating audiences across the world. She tells Vogue Scandinavia about making her "chaotic thoughts tangible" and how a childhood split between Copenhagen and Tel Aviv informs her designs

    By Lara Oliveri
  2. Khaite

    New York cool comes to Copenhagen with Elhanati’s new Khaite collaboration

    Denmark’s iconic atelier Elhanati is joining forces with NYC fashion house Khaite to bring an exciting new accessory and jewellery line to Scandinavia

    By Frances Leach
  3. This is how designer Carin Wester is reinvigorating her brand

    Carin Wester is making big moves. Splitting her eponymous label into two, the Swedish designer is revisiting the brand’s heritage while also refining it for a new, younger audience

    By Josefin Forsberg
  4. 24 Nordic jewellery brands you need to know about

    From statement earrings and graphic necklaces to heavily embellished rings and cuffs, Scandinavian designers have you covered in style. Whether you’re looking to invest in a timeless piece or want a little pick-me-up treat, there’s no shortage of bold jewellery coming from local creatives

    By Vogue Scandinavia
  5. Griegst table setting

    The Gaudi goldsmith: How the House of Griegst became a Danish national treasure

    Danish jeweller Arje Griegst’s divisive designs broke the modernist mould. Via delicately placed stones and sculptural techniques, he relished in rebelling against the status quo. The legacy of this ‘baroque-punk’ goldsmith is carried on by his family, who continue to nurture the universe he...

    By Josefin Forsberg
  6. “I always had an awkward relationship with my breasts - they never felt like a part of me”

    Coinciding with the release of her latest single, Danish musician Freja Kirk pens a honest reflection on trusting gut feelings, navigating the process of transitioning with top surgery, and making a return to music in a personal essay for Vogue Scandinavia

    By Freja Kirk