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  1. The best eco-beauty products to add to your scalp routine

    Great hair starts with good scalp health. But if your scalp is oily, itchy, flaky or red-colored, or if there’s any pain or sun damage, your scalp is not considered healthy. Should that be the case, hair loss might be around the corner

    By Babba Rivera
  2. Martin Bergstrom

    The new atlas of botanical beauty: the must-know Nordic plants

    With more than 320,000 different species of plants in the world, we round up the ones you need-to-know from the Scandi region

    By Johanna Ljunggren
  3. Swap out these 3 beauty products right now for a more eco-conscious routine

    Vogue Scandinavia's eco beauty expert Babba Rivera pin points the key products to take the sustainability of your routine to the next level

    By Babba Rivera
  4. "I never read a single career story about someone like me" Babba Rivera reflects on her journey as a beauty entrepreneur

    Ahead of a global launch, Vogue Scandinavia's Eco-Beauty expert explains why as a hispanic woman, creating a beauty brand has been a monumental milestone

    By Babba Rivera
  5. Take five_Kjaer Weis

    “Beauty matters, design matters” – Kirsten Kjær Weis on her must-have ingredient list for a blissful life

    The founder and creative director of iconic beauty brand Kjær Weis talks about her essential life enhancers to get the ultimate glow

    By Lola Froebe
  6. Lisa Olsson on her self-care routine, must-have products and her relationship with beauty

    Vogue Scandinavia's eco beauty expert Babba Rivera speaks with her long-time friend and Swedish entrepreneur Lisa Olsson about her beauty rituals, favourite products and the inspiration behind her own jewellery brand

    By Babba Rivera
  7. Why castor oil is the surprise ingredient you need to rev up your beauty regime

    Once known as an engine lubricant for race cars and fighter planes, castor oil is now a key ingredient in innovative beauty products

    By Babba Rivera
  8. 5 clean-formulated Scandi beauty brands to know and love

    Looking for clean, safe, and sustainably-produced beauty products from close to home? Here, Vogue Scandinavia presents five of the best Nordic options to try now

    By Babba Rivera
  9. Merging with nature Del Core

    B Beauty: How B Corp beauty brands are improving sustainability

    Meet the elite group of Scandinavian brands that are taking the gold standard for green certification to the next level

    By Fiona Embleton
  10. Retinol Clean Beauty

    Everything you need to know about 'clean beauty'

    Here’s what clean beauty is, what it isn’t, and what to look out for according to our in house Eco-Beauty expert

    By Babba Rivera
  11. Sabina Karlsson on skincare, motherhood, and her favourite hair products

    Babba Rivera, Vogue Scandinavia's eco-beauty expert, talks with model Sabina Karlsson about the details of how she takes care of her skin, bringing her second child to the world, and what products are must haves in her beauty cupboard

    By Babba Rivera
  12. Organic period care brand Yoppie reclaimed Men's day in the name of menstruation

    Vogue Scandinavia's Eco-Beauty Expert Babba Rivera reminisces on Yoppie's takeover of Lamb on International Men's Day in honour of menstruation

    By Babba Rivera