This is how to heat-proof your makeup this summer

By Sofia Ferreira
Beauty and the beach

Photo: Hasse Nielsen

Melted lipstick, smudged mascara, creased concealer… it's time to leave those beauty nightmares in the past. Here, we talk to the experts to unlock the definitive guide to heat-friendly makeup this summer

There's nothing like a healthy, dewy summer glow when it comes to makeup. But, we can all agree that when the thermometers reach temperatures over 30 degrees, the line begins to blur between a good amount of glow and straightforward oily skin. So, as we experience record-breaking temperatures this summer, Vogue Scandinavia sits down with the experts to unveil the best industry tips and secrets to heat-proof your makeup once and for all.


The days of raccoon-like under eyes are finally over.

1. Update your skincare

"It is essential to keep in mind that our beauty habits must change between seasons," starts Érica Monteiro, a Stockholm-based makeup artist. With the rise of humidity levels in the air, a shift to more lightweight – yet nourishing – products creates a healthy foundation for your makeup. "The first step is ensuring your face is well cleansed and moisturised. So, opt for facial soaps that are gentle to your skin, leaving out heavier ingredients and exfoliants to avoid deep dryness. During this time of the year, our skin tends to get oilier, and it is common for people to leave the moisturising step out of their routines. But hydrated skin is key to ensuring makeup lasts," explains Monteiro. 

2. Layering is key

"In summer, less is more. Especially when the temperature rises significantly, our skin needs to breathe, so the preference is lighter, creamy, and translucent formulas. When I'm working with brides, for example, I always try to build the makeup in thin layers, giving some time between each application for the skin to absorb and settle that product. Building up slowly ensures duration," shares Monteiro.

For the base, after priming, she has a secret combination of foundations to ensure duration. “A thin layer of long-lasting formula, followed by a few brush strokes of a glow-enhancing formula. Lastly, a very thin layer of powder only in the T-zone to lock everything", she adds. However, the powder mustn't be overused. "If applied in large amounts, the mixture of textures, when in contact with the foundation and concealer, can create textures and creasing. For touch-ups, I prefer anti-oily papers."

When the temperature rises significantly, our skin needs to breathe, so the preference is lighter, creamy, and translucent formulas.

Érica Monteiro

3. A light hand 

To sum up, the biggest expert secret here is not to overuse products. "For day-to-day, non-festive productions, I'm a big fan of using multifunctional, creamy products that can be applied with your own hands. A tinted sunscreen can do the job of foundation, and the same creamy product goes on the eyes, cheeks, and lips. As the last step, count on a good fixing spray and, for mascara and pencil, always ask for waterproof versions", says Monteiro. 

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