From 'Scandi blonde' to 'spiced rum': All the hair colour trends we want to try this summer

By Josefin Forsberg

Summer may not spark the same urge for reinvention as the New Year's period, however, it offers ample opportunity to try something new. Below, we've gathered the 13 hair colour trends we want to test out this summer


Photo: Zara Larsson (@zaralarsson)

Crème brûlée blonde

If you plan to indulge in a delightful new colour this summer, ask your stylist for 'crème brûlée blonde' the next time you're in the salon. A sophisticated way to savour summer, this 2024 trend is as delectable as its name. Looking at specifics, the sweet-treat shade blends creamy, caramelised tones with a golden balayage and honey lowlights for a radiant, sun-kissed effect. On the hunt for a reference photo? Swedish singer and former Vogue Scandinavia cover star Zara Larsson is the ultimate inspiration.


Photo: Bianca Ingrosso (@biancaingrosso)

Brown baby balayage

Stay sun-kissed this summer with the help of a 'brown baby balayage'. Championed by the likes of Bianca Ingrosso, this 2024 hair colour trend sees subtle highlights brighten deep brown tones with soft caramel ends, creating a naturally radiant effect. Achieved through precise hand-painting, Brown baby balayage ensures a smooth transition between your natural hair colour and the bleach – meaning you won't need to deal with pesky regrowth.


Photo: Dimitris Giannetos (@dimitrishair)

Carrot cake red

For a slice of summer fun, may we suggest 'carrot cake red'? Seen on TikTok personality Meredith Duxbury, this spicy shade combines warm, fiery orange with cinnamon undertones for a bold effect. Achieving the mouthwatering hue involves brushing through a base of vibrant red, that is then layered with golden highlights for that sun-kissed, carrot cake finish.


Photo: Elsa Hosk (@hoskelsa)

Scandi blonde

Building on the buzz around the Scandi hairline, we're diving head first into Scandi blonde this summer. As refreshing as a dip in the Baltic Sea, this shade sees an ash blonde base blend into sun kissed ends – with bleached baby hairs and lightened money pieces framing the face. Seen on Elsa Hosk and Matilda Djerf – the root of our hair envy – it is no surprise to see this hair colour trending for 2024.


Photo: Hailey Bieber (@haileybieber)

Expensive brunette

If you're keen on a hair colour that makes you look like a million bucks, Hailey Bieber's signature brown may be just the thing. A trendsetter in the nail world, the 'expensive brunette' has also come to influence our upcoming appointments with the colourist. Whether achieved with a velvety chocolate base or with a delightful caramel fudge foundation, the key to this trending colour is in the finishing gloss treatment creating decadent depth.


Photo: Kylie Jenner (@kyliejenner)

Jet black

A bold departure from Summer's usual sun-kissed blondes and brunettes, 'jet black' is an unexpected colour choice to be trending in 2024. This striking shade offers a uniform, inky blackness that contrasts sharply with the perky pastels of the season, and – just like the 'expensive brunette' – jet black tresses live up to its full potential with a gloss treatment or two. That said, if you're not naturally dark, it is good to keep the upkeep in mind if you're considering a dramatic transformation.


Photo: Owen Gould (@owengould)


For the blondes who are tentative about going brown, and for the brunettes who don't want to bother with the upkeep of blonde, bronde may be the perfect middle ground. Exemplified by Barbara Palvin, this colour truly is the best of both worlds. Surprisingly low-maintenance if kept away from the roots, the sophisticated shift can be achieved through both lowlight and highlights depending on where you start your hair journey.


Photo: Helena Christensen (@helenachristensen)

Spiced Rum

In the cocktail of trending hair colours, 'spiced rum' is a standout for the season. Perfect to jumpstart your autumn, this end-of-summer essential is perfectly exemplified by Helena Christensen. The name of the trend is derived from the way the pigments are applied: building from a spicy cinnamon base, the highlights – kept towards the ends of the hair – reminiscent of a fine, aged rum.


Photo: Frida Aasen (@frida_aasen)

Old-money blonde

Poised to move from micro trend to a more perennial influence, the 'old money' aesthetic has over the past year cemented itself in our sartorial vocabulary. And few models have come to encapsulate the look better than Norwegian Frida Aasen, whose flowing blonde mane is pinned firmly on our 'old money' Pinterest board.


Photo: Lily Collins (@lilyjcollins)

Espresso brunette

Earlier this month, honorary Scandinavian Lily Collins shocked the internet by chopping off her hair. The result was a blunt bob in the perfect shade of espresso brown. Bound to become a firm favourite for the colder months ahead, we're already jumping on the trend this summer. After all, a brew-tiful brunette is the make of our dark roast dreams.


Photo: Christian Wood (@cwoodhair)

Cowboy copper

'Cowboy copper' isn't a newcomer on the hair colour scene. In fact, the deep red has been part of the bucking beauty trends since 2023. Similar to 'espresso brown, 'cowboy copper' is a colour we envision ourselves wearing when saddling up for the seasons ahead. But what should you ask for the next time you're headed to the hair salon? A rodeo-ready dark red base with shiny copper highlights around the face.


Photo: Owen Gould (@owengould)

Apricot blonde

An evolution of the popular 'strawberry blonde', the apricot variation of the shade sees only hints of red in an otherwise buttery blonde base. If you've a hard time imagining the result, just look to Suki Waterhouse. The specific shade of her warm apricot hair is ripe with potential.


Photo: Tina Leung (@tinaleung)

Pale pink

Listen, colouring your hair doesn't always equate to achieving natural results. Sometimes, we're after the artificial. For 2024, the hair colour trends to tap if you're past naturally occurring colours is an array of pastels. Our favourite? Tina Leung's soft shade of rosy pastel pink.