Experience autumn through these rose coloured glasses

By Scandi Shopping Space

This week, Vogue Scandinavia's editors have their eye on pink tinted shades

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While not universally known, sunglasses are the one summer staple that follow Scandis throughout the seasons. Whether protecting our eyes from summer sun on the beach, or rays reflecting in the snow on the slope, a pair of shades are year-round essentials. Swedish brand Chimi is a fast favourite among the fashion set and has been spotted on almost all of our favourite trendsetters. Truly, the brand's styles should be considered 'it-girl' sunglasses.

This coming season we're craving something colourful, so prepare accordingly with these sunglasses. While we adore the brand's basic black shades, these pink lens glasses will help you romanticise your surroundings – seeing as you will experience the world through rose-tinted glasses. And if colour is usually too daunting for you, a small accessory is the best place to start bringing some colour into your wardrobe.