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The modern 1920's beauty look to embrace this autumn

By Esteban G Villanueva
Razzle Dazzle I

Photo: Jackie Nickerson

The perfect modern application of this unique style of makeup seen in the first issue of Vogue Scandinavia

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Lotten Holmqvist, the swedish makeup artist responsible for the gorgeous looks in our Razzle Dazzle editorial in Issue 1 of Vogue Scandinavia, breaks down the key steps in order to achieve, in a modern fashion, the classic 1920s beauty look.

“When we think of the makeup back in the original 20s we often associate it with rounded shapes, strong applications and an overall kinda slanted or almost sad appearance”, mentions Lotten. This, on top of the fact that makeup was mostly used for black and white films, cemented a very specific aesthetic that we now can take apart and reconstruct accordingly.

Now, how can we achieve a look, inspired by this era, but applicable to modern times? Lotten breaks it down in four key steps: